Much Ado About Terrazzo 💖

This over 500-year old trend is making a comeback! It is easy to fall in love with the dazzo-ling display of speckled colours. Embrace this gorgeous pattern in your everyday life, from home accent pieces to workplace stationery.

To quote Vogue, they are moving from under our feet to absolutely everywhere - and everyone couldn't be happier! 


Here is the rundown of our favourite terrazzo pieces <3 

The Fixie Terrazzo

The Fixie Terrazzo by Doiy - $29.90 


Terrazzo Tile in Pink

Terrazzo Tile in Pink by - From $48 


Speckle Tessel Earrings

Speckle Tassel Earrings by Anders & Dawn - $48 


Terrazzo Wrapping Paper

Terrazzo Wrapping Paper by The Little Talks - $3.50 


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